You Said We Did!

Every Voice is Heard

School Council have been as busy as ever!

Here are some of the things that You Said (we needed) and We Did!, or are trying to do, (as a result)! They are in chronological order: the most recent: You Said We Did!, items first.

Date: 7th March 2017

You Said – The toilets in year 5 and 6 building often get a bit smelly!

We Did – Zainab and Haroon spoke with Gordon. Gordon spoke with the cleaners. Zainab fed back to the next school council meeting that there had been significant improvements to the cleanliness of the toilets. Zainab called Gordon to thank him on behalf of all of the children.

You Said – Can year 6 children sit on chairs in assembly?


We Did – Trisha and Kiano spoke to Miss Fitzpatrick who came up with a compromise due to lack of space. Year 6 children are now able to sit on benches at the back of the hall during assemblies!

You Said – We need more things to do in the playgrounds at break and lunchtimes.

We Did…. KS1: now have a Bowling Alley painted on the wall next to the ramp. Thanks Site Team!

Year 3 and 4 now have a fence to separate the Quiet Area from the main playground – thanks Site Team! A running track is next on the list.

Mrs Saunders, Miss Natalie and Mrs Ali are meeting with Gordon very soon to plan next steps. Watch this space…

You Said – There are some things on the menu that children don’t like.

358 357  359 361

We Did – Abbie and Jessica put together a questionnaire about the lunchtime menus. 7 school councillors stayed late at Parent Teacher Consultation meetings to ask children questions about the foods they like and dislike. Abbie and Jessica will be collating all of the responses and sharing with Rose, the School Cook, to see what changes can be made.

Another wonderful example of the excellent ideas and compassion that our children at Ripple continue to demonstrate.

Malaika (6LH) took the time to put together a proposal that we could not ignore. Read more about it below.

Dear Mrs Ziane,

I would like to talk about charity. I want to raise enough money to help people that are homeless. Maybe our school could raise some money…..

Such a great idea that Mr Mitchell had to hear about it…


Watch this space for how the idea develops into reality – we can’t wait!

Date: 9th May 2016

In response to school councillor’s suggestions, Miss Chandler and Mrs Saunders spoke with Mr Aves about improving the infant playgrounds at both sites. Over the Easter Break our Caretakers worked really hard to add some markings to the playgrounds at both sites. Children are really enjoying using them – thank you!

Watch this space for further developments to come for all playgrounds!

Gordon – could you get a photo of the playground markings, if possible with some children using them?

Following discussions with the school council last half term, Miss Catrina has produced a Welcome Booklet for new children to our school. She shared the booklet at our meeting today (5.5.16) and the councillors were very impressed. Teachers haven’t even seen it yet – top secret!!! Miss Catrina is going to share it with teachers on Monday so that we can start to use it as soon as possible. Great team work! Thank you for listening to our ideas, Miss Catrina.

Lavinia – can you photograph the front covers and email across the Stephen?

Watch This Space!

Date: 1st February 2016


Senior leaders at the school were trying to find a solution to some concerns about congestion on the KS2 staircase at the Westbury site. After discussions with school council reps, Mrs Ziane set up a meeting for four of the reps from year 5 and 6 to put their suggestions to Mr Mitchell.

As a result, the following changes have been made from Monday 1st February:

Year 5 and 6 children to enter the school building independently from 8.35 a.m. each morning. Support staff will greet children as they arrive and monitor the staircases. Teachers will be waiting in class with some early morning work to be completed.
We are hoping this will be a great solution – less congestion on the stairs, greater responsibility for our oldest pupils and increased learning time! Three positive outcomes from one solution – thank you, council reps!

Date: 18th December 2015

Click below to find out more details of School Council impact!

Healthy Snacks in Key Stage 2 for 2016

Date: 8th December 2015 

The water fountain is now is now fixed! Thank you, Mr Aves!

Water Fountain now in place!

Councillors also asked if there could be a Healthy Tuck Shop in school. Joy and Carlitos had a meeting with Mr Mitchell who said that although he could not arrange for that to happen at the moment, he would be happy for children in KS2 to bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable from January.

Watch this space!

Date: 4th December 2015 

Miss Jackson contacted the School Council to see what suggestions they might have for encouraging parents and carers collecting their children from Nursery to not use their mobile phone while the children are wanting to share their day.

Below, is a link to the letter that Miss Jackson sent to the School Council.

Letter from Miss Jackson 25.11.15

Below, is a link to Miss Jackson’s reply to Mrs Ziane and Mr Mann from a meeting that Miss Jackson had with some of the School Council Reps.

Date: 1st September 2015

Over the summer a water fountain was installed. Here is its picture. Let the School Council know what you think about the water fountain! Many thanks to Mr Aves and the team for all their hard work with getting this to happen.

Drink fountain 1

Date: 7th July 2015

Ummaiya, school council rep in year 6 runs a knitting club, supported by Trudy. She suggested that she would like to run one and hey presto…we arranged it!

Knitting Club

Date: 5th July 2015

Harjeet met Mr Mitchell to share children’s concerns about food at lunchtimes. He told Mr Mitchell what had been said at the School Council meeting last week. Mr Mitchell is going to meet with the kitchen staff about the issues raised and then meet with Harjeet again.School Council interview with Head summer 2015

Date: 26th March 2015


  • A music player for the dining hall (Suffolk Rd); if it’s successfully used then one will be purchased for the Westbury Dining Hall as well
  • Classical music via YouTube to be played in the Packed Lunch Hall

Water Fountain [UPDATE – see the news on 1st September!]

As reply from Mr Aves (Site Manager) to the School Council:
Dear School Council
Thank you very much for your suggestion for water fountains in the playgrounds.
Its a brilliant idea and hopefully we can make it happen soon.
As the fountains are very expensive, I have asked the local authority to contribute to the costs.
I am waiting for a response and will keep you updated when I have some news.
If you have any questions or other suggestions please let me know.
Gordon Aves

Site Manager


As reply from Mrs Sprenger (Office Manager / PA to Headteacher) to the School Council:


Dear School Council
Mrs Ziane has said that you have asked to have more After School Clubs.
Every term we offer various Sports Clubs which we can accommodate as we have 2 sports leaders and this is part of their job.  The clubs vary depending on the weather but more often than not we can offer clubs for:
  • Football
  • Archery or Cricket
  • Dodgeball
  • Multisports
We run a cooking club every term but this is very popular and we have to limit our numbers so to keep it fair this is by invitation only.
Miss Dixon and Mr Marshall run a Samba Club but you have to be auditioned for this as you need to be committed to attend on a regular basis.
Other clubs that we offer but not always every term are:
  • Art
  • Craft
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Film
  • Sewing
The reasons we can not always have all the clubs are due to weather conditions or the Teachers that run the clubs having other commitments to the school.
I would really like to be able to offer the children of Ripple Primary School more clubs and if you have any suggestions on how to increase our clubs or have different types of clubs please let me know.
Julie Sprenger
Office Manager/PA to Headteacher