Latest School Council Agendas and Minutes

Please find below the School Council Agendas and Minutes from the different meetings held. This page will be regularly updated, as the latest Agendas and Minutes are posted. Existing Agendas and Minutes can be found in the School Council Folder (only accessible by Staff at Ripple Primary School).

Westbury: Westbury Minutes will be added as soon as possible.

Suffolk Rd: School Council – Suffolk Rd – July 2018



School Council Dates – Summer 2017

Next meeting: 7th June, 1:15 pm

Where we shall be focusing on the STEM week activities.

Week beginning 3rd July: Whole School Forum

Where we will be focusing on SDP review, including cultural diversity and sports day. Time to be confirmed.

School Council Treat: Tuesday 18th July.

The theme is to be an outdoor team event. Time to be confirmed.


Food Waste Addressed by School Council

Sharon, the School Cook at Westbury Site, attended our School Council meeting today (5.5.16) and heard the concerns that school councillors have about the amount of food waste at lunchtimes. The menus were discussed and a Tasting Session is going to be planned in the near future to make sure that the right things are on the menus. We will then need to speak to Mr Mitchell about us creating a bespoke Ripple Menu in the future!

How exciting!

School Council Reps liaise with Miss Jackson

School Council Reps met with Miss Jackson and here’s Miss Jackson’s reply. Many thanks, Miss Jackson for your speedy response!

Hi, Mrs Ziane and Mr Mann,

I just wanted to email you both to let you both know that I was able to catch up with some members of the school council this afternoon to gather some of their ideas about how to encourage parents to stop using their mobile phones at school.

Bobby and Divine in 1MK had worked with the rest of their class members to think up some great ideas to help with the issue. They suggested the following:

  • Signs to say no mobile phones around the school playgrounds
  • New rules to be set in school to say stop using your phones
  • Children to remind their parents that they should not use their phone when they collecting them from school
  • A week to trial ‘no phones’

I then met with Irem from 3RB and Tasmia from 5AK who, again, both had some great ideas to help too. They suggested:

  • sending a letter home to parents saying that the children would like them to ‘stop looking at your phones and listening to your children’. This letter would also explain about the no phones for a week trial.
  • tell parents to switch off their phones

The girls also agreed with the ideas that Year 1 shared about the posters, and thought that ‘No Phone Zone’ would be a good phrase to use on the posters.

All children thought they could help to make the posters for me as I don’t have one to use yet, so we thought that maybe if the children made the posters we could choose a few of them to use around the school playgrounds to remind parents to stop using their phones.

Please can you pass on my thanks to the school council for their brilliant ideas and I will aim to get this ready to trial in the new year.

Thank you

Miss Jackson

School Council Interviews

School Council Interviews


Two Governors and a member of the senior leadership team led a discussion with the school council at both sites.

The following table outlines some of the things school councillors felt that they had achieved this year.


                        WWW                                   EBI
  • Clear awareness of impact school councillors have had across school (gardening club, water fountain, order of classes going into dinner).
  • Less bullying in the school and more awareness of who to go to/what to do if being bullied.
  • Awareness of how to keep safe on the internet, moving around the school, not talking to strangers and during fire drills
  • Great range of texts shared as favourites, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Range of strategies used by children when new child joins a class.
  • Lots of “pride” in being a school councillor.


  • School Council to have clear view on role of Governors. Maybe a joint task between Governors, councillors, school staff eg. Discussing equipment for playground.


  •  Possible school council information leaflet about how to welcome new children to Ripple Primary School.

The School Council Produces Anti-Bullying Posters

As part of Anti-Bullying work, these were the tasks that each year group were asked to carry out. They were all put together to make two displays – one at each site.

Year 1 and 2 (Designers) – Be creative….design something visual to promote our school’s work about anti-bullying. A display? A group collage? Posters?

Year 3 (Authors) – Produce a class or group poems about any aspect of bullying, e.g. everyone is different, the impact bullying can have, what to do if you are being bullied. You decide!

Year 4 (Actors) – Produce class or group videos about any aspect of bullying.

Year 5 ( Policy makers) – Class/Group debate: Adult responses to bullying….what would you like to see?

Year 6 (Editors) – Newspaper editors – review our school Anti-Bullying Leaflet for children

to make it even better!


I’m sure that you’ll agree: not only is the work of excellent presentation quality but the vitally important message of how, as a school, we effectively deal with Anti-Bullying is clearly addressed.


Well done, School Council!

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