New Late Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

We are very concerned with the punctuality of your child, and we are writing to you to ask you to work with the school to improve this. Certificates are given out weekly in assembly and unfortunately, your child’s class are not receiving any because of the amount of lateness.

Please find below the new Late Letter.

New Late Letter

Addressing the Late Collection of Children

Extract of a Letter from Mr Mitchell. Please see the link below for the full details.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Late collection of children at the end of the school day

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the vast majority of parents/carers  who always pick up their children on time.

The impact on a child of not being picked up from school on time cannot be underestimated. The child that has been left behind will feel an increasing level of anxiety and distress the longer that they are unsure of where their parents are. Clearly this is not a good thing to happen to any child.

The impact on the school of having a child left behind at the end of the day is also great as it requires two members of support staff to supervise that child. This means that those staff will not be able to undertake their duties in preparation for children’s learning the following day and this also incurs an additional staffing cost to the school.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of occasions where children are being picked up late.

I am fully aware that there are frequently valid reasons or emergencies where the parents/carers have been delayed and, when the school is informed in advance of this, I will always take an understanding view.

However, some parents/carers appear to be unwilling to acknowledge the impact that this has on both their child and the school and seem to think that the school is able to offer a free, out of hours childcare service. It is because of these few who regularly pick up their child late with no prior contact being made to the school that I am forced to take the following action.

Addressing the Late collection of children