The School Council Produces Anti-Bullying Posters

As part of Anti-Bullying work, these were the tasks that each year group were asked to carry out. They were all put together to make two displays – one at each site.

Year 1 and 2 (Designers) – Be creative….design something visual to promote our school’s work about anti-bullying. A display? A group collage? Posters?

Year 3 (Authors) – Produce a class or group poems about any aspect of bullying, e.g. everyone is different, the impact bullying can have, what to do if you are being bullied. You decide!

Year 4 (Actors) – Produce class or group videos about any aspect of bullying.

Year 5 ( Policy makers) – Class/Group debate: Adult responses to bullying….what would you like to see?

Year 6 (Editors) – Newspaper editors – review our school Anti-Bullying Leaflet for children

to make it even better!


I’m sure that you’ll agree: not only is the work of excellent presentation quality but the vitally important message of how, as a school, we effectively deal with Anti-Bullying is clearly addressed.


Well done, School Council!

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