Homework and Spellings

Homework and Spellings

Children have homework every week and it is expected that it is completed at home and returned to the class teacher.  Holiday homework is given out at the end of each term and is due back when term starts. It is also expected that all children practice their reading and spellings each week, a list of the spellings can be found in the children’s reading journals or at the bottom of this post.


Year Group Homework Sent Homework Returned
Year 1 Spelling-Monday




Year 2 Friday Friday
Year 3 Monday Friday
Year 4 Spelling-Monday

Mental Maths-Friday



Year 5 Friday Friday
Year 6 Arithmetic-Monday

All other homework according to individual class teachers



Ripple Primary donate huge weight of food for Barking Foodbank

Funmi Ikele from Barking Foodbank wrote:
I write on behalf of Barking Foodbank, our clients and volunteers to all at Ripple Primary School – parents, pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff who responded to our Harvest Food Appeal. 
A total of 345.4 kg was donated
Many thanks to everyone who so most generously donated food; it’s much appreciated.
See our Twitter feed for more information.

Rose the award-winning school chef

Faces of Barking & Dagenham | Rose the award-winning school chef – OBL

Rose Khan, the school chef of Ripple Primary School, tells us how she beat chefs across the country to win McCain’s Simply One Pot Meal Competition.


So proud of you, Rose! Well done from everyone in Ripple Primary School.

Huge Potato Harvest!

It gives Mr Mann great pleasure to present the results of the McCain’s Field to Fork Potato Challenge, 2017.

Our total Ripple weight was 8.850kg. Awesome!
All potatoes have been delivered to the respective canteens and Mr Mann has it on good authority that both Rose and Sharon have some yummy treats for all children tomorrow with our potatoes.
There will also be a visit from Mr Potato man at Suffolk Road during the Dinner hour.
A huge thank you to all participants and well done one and all.
Altogether now: “One potato, two potato, three potato more…”  

So many Reverse Advent Calendar Donations! Thank you so much!

 Dear All, 
A big thank you to all of Ripple Staff, families and children for their generosity and participation in celebrating the spirit of giving for Christmas.
Salvation Army received the donations this afternoon and extends their gratitude for our support and thoughtfulness.
Well done everyone, have a good weekend.
Kind Regards
Mrs Sanders & the SIT team

Addressing the Late Collection of Children

Extract of a Letter from Mr Mitchell. Please see the link below for the full details.


Friday, 12 February 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Late collection of children at the end of the school day

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge and thank the vast majority of parents/carers  who always pick up their children on time.

The impact on a child of not being picked up from school on time cannot be underestimated. The child that has been left behind will feel an increasing level of anxiety and distress the longer that they are unsure of where their parents are. Clearly this is not a good thing to happen to any child.

The impact on the school of having a child left behind at the end of the day is also great as it requires two members of support staff to supervise that child. This means that those staff will not be able to undertake their duties in preparation for children’s learning the following day and this also incurs an additional staffing cost to the school.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing number of occasions where children are being picked up late.

I am fully aware that there are frequently valid reasons or emergencies where the parents/carers have been delayed and, when the school is informed in advance of this, I will always take an understanding view.

However, some parents/carers appear to be unwilling to acknowledge the impact that this has on both their child and the school and seem to think that the school is able to offer a free, out of hours childcare service. It is because of these few who regularly pick up their child late with no prior contact being made to the school that I am forced to take the following action.

Addressing the Late collection of children

Barking and Dagenham Post praise budding Ripple Primary actors!

The Barking and Dagenham Post has written a wonderful article on the budding Y6 Shakespearean actors who performed Romeo and Juliet on Thursday evening at the prestigious Kenneth Moore Theatre, Ilford.

You can read all about the fantastic acting by reading the Barking and Dagenham Post article and also have a look at the Barking and Dagenham’s tweet by going to www.twitter.com/rippleprimary

Work Scrutiny Summary

Effective marking and feedback are crucial to help your child make progress in their learning. The senior staff regularly carries out book scrutinies (checks) to ensure that your child’s learning progress is as great as possible. The following summary (July, 2015) identifies how marking and feedback have been made even better:

Work Scrutiny Summary

Some real improvements to the quality of marking and feedback provided.

The most common findings were:

Marking is regular and follows school policy.

Children follow up on teacher’s marking and their response is acknowledged by the teacher.

Teacher expectations are high in terms of children’s presentation.

All groups of children making good progress over time.

British Values, SMSC and PSHE

As part of the visit, Sue Lees (Chair of Governors) and Eleanor Taylor (LBBD Link Advisor to the School) met with pupils to explore their understanding of British Values, and more broadly the success of the school’s approach to SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning) and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.

  1. Across all year groups there was a clear and firm understanding of the school’s approach to inclusiveness, anti-bullying, discipline and respect
  2. The multi-cultural nature of the school was embraced by the pupils, who actively helped to integrate new joiners, and to support fellow pupils where English was not their first language
  3. Behaviour was excellent, and engagement in the discussion at all age groups was positive and strong
  4. Children were articulate and confident
  5. Strong awareness of IT safety, and good understanding of strategies to ensure safety on line
  6. Clear understanding of the need to eat healthily with good examples provided of healthy food choices
  7. Recognition of the role the School Council played, and examples provided of where the Council had made a difference to the School
  8. Recognition of how to escalate concerns, including use of Worry Boxes, talking to lunchtime assistants, or teachers if worried about anything
  9. A number of teachers were remarked upon for their support of the pupils
  10. Pupils enjoy and look forward to Golden Time
  11. Pupils were honest and straightforward when questioned about their understanding of racism, and were able to recognise racist incidents, and to challenge them