Latest School Council Agendas and Minutes

Please find below the School Council Agendas and Minutes from the different meetings held. This page will be regularly updated, as the latest Agendas and Minutes are posted. Existing Agendas and Minutes can be found in the School Council Folder (only accessible by Staff at Ripple Primary School).

Westbury: Minutes of meeting 7th June

Suffolk Rd: Minutes of meeting 7 July



School Council Dates – Summer 2017

Next meeting: 7th June, 1:15 pm

Where we shall be focusing on the STEM week activities.

Week beginning 3rd July: Whole School Forum

Where we will be focusing on SDP review, including cultural diversity and sports day. Time to be confirmed.

School Council Treat: Tuesday 18th July.

The theme is to be an outdoor team event. Time to be confirmed.


School Council Ground Rules, 2016-2017

The School Council Reps met at Suffolk Rd and at the Westbury. What follows is the combined Ground Rules for 2016-2017.

We will:

  • Start on time
  • Read the agenda
  • Bring useful ideas
  • Listen more than talk
  • Look and listen to our Reps
  • Value what others say
  • Talk to one another and listen to each other
  • Use eye contact when others talk
  • Show respect by not interrupting