Over the last few years attendance at Ripple Primary School has continued to improve. Attendance for 2015/2016 was 97.02%.  This is well above the national average.

We are always looking at ways to improve even further. To help us to do this please read on……….

We know that you all understand that It is most important that children attend school regularly and are punctual.

It is important for your child’s progress that s/he is always at school unless genuinely sick.

If your child is unable to attend, please notify the school first thing in the morning.  You can either leave a message on the absence line (press option 1), text school mobile (07870 819771) or alternatively you can e-mail the school at  In all instances please state clearly your child’s name, class and reason for absence. Absences for reasons other than illness or special circumstances will not be approved by the school, and will be classified as an unauthorised absence.

The following will also be classified as unauthorised absences:-

Appointments and absences for which we have not received a telephone message, text or email or a medical appointment for which proof has not been provided and of which the school have not been previously notified.

If your child is going home for lunch or has an appointment which requires them to be out of school during their lunch break, they must be picked up at the start of lunch break from the office.  The office should be made aware when a child is being picked up early, taken home for lunch or leaving for a medical appointment.

As we have staggered lunch breaks, pick up and return times are listed below:-

                                 Pick Up                       Return

Reception                     11:30am                   12:25pm

Yr.1                             11:45am                    12:40pm

Yr.2 – 6                       12 noon                      12:55pm

In the interest of health and safety, parents must always collect their child when leaving during the school day.  No child will be allowed home with older brothers or sisters under the age of 16. Proof of ID will be requested.

The School Day

Children are welcome onto the site to attend out Breakfast Club at 8:00am.  The facility is free and is supervised by members of our school staff.  Children can purchase a breakfast if they wish.  Any child on site before 8:30am must go to the Breakfast Club unless being directly supervised by a known adult or adult carer. From 8:35am teachers will be available in the playground to meet and greet children and parent/carers. Learning starts at Ripple at quarter to nine.


Children arriving between 8:45am and 9:00am should go straight to class; they will receive a late mark and also a late letter.  To ensure the security of the site the gates are locked at 9:00am.  Any child arriving later than 9:00am should enter the school via the school office.

For children in Years 5 and 6 at the Westbury, as teachers have a duty of care, learning starts in class at 8:35am, Children make their own way to class and we expect all children to make the most of this additional learning time.  Children arriving after 8:45am are late as learning has begun.

Holidays during school time

All requests for absences during school time will be classed as an unauthorised absence.

In line with Local Authority advice a fine will always be issued, for holidays taken during school time and for absences that are not considered to be an emergency or exceptional.

Parents have the right to appeal to the Governing Body if they feel that the absence is due to exceptional circumstances.

Persistent absences will be monitored and parents requested to attend a meeting in school to explain the reasons. Parents will also be asked to provide medical evidence if an absence is over 3 days.  If absences continue parents could be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Attendance Policy