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Latest School Council Agendas and Minutes

Please find below the School Council Agendas and Minutes from the different meetings held. This page will be regularly updated, as the latest Agendas and Minutes are posted. Existing Agendas and Minutes can be found in the School Council Folder (only accessible by Staff at Ripple Primary School).

Westbury: Minutes of meeting 7th June

Suffolk Rd: Minutes of meeting 7th June 2017



School Council Dates – Summer 2017

Next meeting: 7th June, 1:15 pm

Where we shall be focusing on the STEM week activities.

Week beginning 3rd July: Whole School Forum

Where we will be focusing on SDP review, including cultural diversity and sports day. Time to be confirmed.

School Council Treat: Tuesday 18th July.

The theme is to be an outdoor team event. Time to be confirmed.


A ‘crack-ing’, egg-citing Easter Egg Competition!

Well done to everyone who took part in our, ‘crack-ing’, egg-citing, Easter Egg Art Competition.  We were all so impressed by the incredibly high levels of creativity and detail.  There were so many different designs I am sure the judges had a very hard job choosing the winners. Thank you all for your hard work and have a lovely holiday.

FAST Graduation, Easter 2017

Another successful year with Ms Fitzpatrick, Deputy Head, leading the graduation celebrations following an eight week programme. If you’re interested in finding out more about the FAST programme, please contact the Social Inclusion Team.

Safer Internet Day! Tuesday 7th February


Safer Internet Day is Tuesday 7th February. Along with activities taking place at school, you can also help to keep your children, family, friends and yourself safer online.

This Safer Internet Day Education Pack provides a range of resources to help you deliver sessions with parents and carers, whether you are a school, youth group, library, police service, or wider.

This pack includes:

  • Presentation and script
  • Letter to parents and carers
  • Poster
  • Conversation starters
  • Factsheet

Ripple Primary pupils donate presents to needy at Barking Salvation Army

“Rather than taking a free gift or chocolate during the advent period, pupils of Ripple Primary School in Suffolk Road, Barking, spent each day from December 3 to 15 contributing toys, books, and games for the borough’s poverty-stricken.”

– Barking and Dagenham Post 25th December 2016


You can read all about this wonderful gesture by clicking here. Well done and thank you to everyone involved. #proud

So many Reverse Advent Calendar Donations! Thank you so much!

 Dear All, 
A big thank you to all of Ripple Staff, families and children for their generosity and participation in celebrating the spirit of giving for Christmas.
Salvation Army received the donations this afternoon and extends their gratitude for our support and thoughtfulness.
Well done everyone, have a good weekend.
Kind Regards
Mrs Sanders & the SIT team

School Council Ground Rules, 2016-2017

The School Council Reps met at Suffolk Rd and at the Westbury. What follows is the combined Ground Rules for 2016-2017.

We will:

  • Start on time
  • Read the agenda
  • Bring useful ideas
  • Listen more than talk
  • Look and listen to our Reps
  • Value what others say
  • Talk to one another and listen to each other
  • Use eye contact when others talk
  • Show respect by not interrupting

Becoming a Parent Governor: Ripple Primary School

Becoming a Parent Governor: Ripple Primary School

Dear Parent / Carer,

Further to my letter of the 13th September, we have received 5 completed Governor Nomination forms for parents wishing to become a Parent Governor.

Linked below are their supporting statements for you to read and then select the person you wish to vote for.

Parents are asked to just vote for one person by printing out the document and then entering an X against the name of your selected candidate.

The closing date for voting is Friday 7th October 2016. Any voting forms after this date will not be counted.

Thank you,

T. Kinder

Chair of governors


Parent Governor Statements

Letter from the Chair of Governors


Pokémon Go: a parent’s guide Tips and advice for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go: a parent’s guide Tips and advice for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go

PokémonPokémon Go is a game where you collect and trade cute creatures called Pokémon (Pocket Monsters).
It’s one of the first popular games to use “augmented reality” – a kind of cross between real life and an online world. The game makes it look like Pokémon appear in real life places by using the GPS and camera on your phone.
It’s already become a craze in Australia and America, and has made it’s way into the news across the world.
Here, we’ll take you through what you need to know about the game and how you can help keep children using the app safe.
Pokémon Go explained
Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) are little creatures that can be captured by Pokémon Trainers using a small spherical device called a Poké Ball. There are different types of Pokémon, with different moves, abilities and stats. The aim of the game is to capture as many Pokémon and to win as many ‘gyms’ as you can to become the Pokémon Master.
Pokémon Gyms
Pokémon Gyms are buildings located throughout the world where Pokémon Trainers can train and compete. Pokémon Gyms are usually located in public meeting spots, like parks or churches and memorials. This is done using a Google-style in-game map that shows you where the Pokémon and locations are in your real life location.
Poké Ball
The Poké Ball is a spherical device used to capture Pokémon. The Poké Ball is thrown at Pokémon and when it hits them, the Pokémon are sucked inside.
Pokédex is an electronic device which stores the data of Pokémon once they’re captured. The Pokémon Trainer must attempt to fill the Pokédex by capturing the different types of Pokémon.
The risks
There are loads of good things about the game, and there’s a reason it’s become so popular. But it’s important to learn the risks involved:
  • Meeting people they don’t know face-to-face
    The game is designed to bring people together. Usually strangers. So you never know who they might meet.
  • There’s a physical risk
    It’s easy to forget to look where you’re going with this game, but they need to be careful of where they end up. There are already stories of people being lured to places that aren’t safe for children.
  • It can cost a lot of money
    There are in-app purchases and other incentives which can cost up to £79.99 (14,500 Pokécoins). Make sure the app’s set up without payment options.
  • Access to personal data
    Pokémon Go asks for personal information like your child’s birth date and email address, which they’re asked to enter or receive through social media accounts. Parents have the right to contact the creators to stop them from using their personal information.

New Late Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

We are very concerned with the punctuality of your child, and we are writing to you to ask you to work with the school to improve this. Certificates are given out weekly in assembly and unfortunately, your child’s class are not receiving any because of the amount of lateness.

Please find below the new Late Letter.

New Late Letter