School Council Reps liaise with Miss Jackson

School Council Reps met with Miss Jackson and here’s Miss Jackson’s reply. Many thanks, Miss Jackson for your speedy response!

Hi, Mrs Ziane and Mr Mann,

I just wanted to email you both to let you both know that I was able to catch up with some members of the school council this afternoon to gather some of their ideas about how to encourage parents to stop using their mobile phones at school.

Bobby and Divine in 1MK had worked with the rest of their class members to think up some great ideas to help with the issue. They suggested the following:

  • Signs to say no mobile phones around the school playgrounds
  • New rules to be set in school to say stop using your phones
  • Children to remind their parents that they should not use their phone when they collecting them from school
  • A week to trial ‘no phones’

I then met with Irem from 3RB and Tasmia from 5AK who, again, both had some great ideas to help too. They suggested:

  • sending a letter home to parents saying that the children would like them to ‘stop looking at your phones and listening to your children’. This letter would also explain about the no phones for a week trial.
  • tell parents to switch off their phones

The girls also agreed with the ideas that Year 1 shared about the posters, and thought that ‘No Phone Zone’ would be a good phrase to use on the posters.

All children thought they could help to make the posters for me as I don’t have one to use yet, so we thought that maybe if the children made the posters we could choose a few of them to use around the school playgrounds to remind parents to stop using their phones.

Please can you pass on my thanks to the school council for their brilliant ideas and I will aim to get this ready to trial in the new year.

Thank you

Miss Jackson