SAFE is an acronym. It stands for:

1. Keep your password SECRET

2. ATTACHMENTS might have viruses

3. FIND an adult if you see something that upsets you

4. EVERYONE is invisible on the Internet so be careful

We also have a picture with actions that helps us all to stay SAFE. You’ll see this picture all around the school as well.


Safety websites

Here are some excellent website that are SAFE to use and teach you all about e-Safety:

Sites for children

Keeping myself safe

KS1 Think You Know

KS2 Think you know

CBBC Stay Safe

Sites for parents/carers

Ripple Primary School’s Acceptable use Policy
including the e-Safety Policy

Think you know

Please let us know what you think about these sites, what experiences you’ve had on e-Safety and, parents/carers, what further training you would like us to offer. We will be running some workshops again during Parents’ Evening. They proved very successful last year for those that attended.